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Dr Pepper Soda 1 Liter 15pk

(3 customer reviews)

  • One 15 pack of 1 Litre 33.8 Fl Oz.
  • Always One of a Kind.
  • Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper brings you the taste, and nothing but the taste.
  • No calories, no caffeine, just the rich, bold refreshment of Dr Pepper.
  • That signature blend is so rich and bold, you won’t miss what’s missing.
  • Sip, don’t chug: research shows slower is better.
  • You’ll see there’s nothing diet (or caffeinated) about it.
  • Try Dr Pepper Soda 1 Liter today and enjoy the unbelievably satisfying taste.

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A satisfying diet drink does exist! Diet Dr Pepper Soda offers the same 23 flavors of regular Dr Pepper, without the calories.

If you’re looking for a soft drink with an authentically different taste, nothing satisfies quite like a Dr Pepper. Diet Dr Pepper has an original recipe of 23 signature flavors blended into one deliciously unique beverage that doesn’t sacrifice great taste for zero calories. Established in 1885, Dr Pepper has an iconic history of delivering satisfying refreshment. Often imitated and never duplicated, Diet Dr Pepper is Always One of a Kind .


Carbonated Water, Caramel Color, Aspartame, Phosphoric Acid, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), Caffeine.

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Dr Kepper

3 reviews for Dr Pepper Soda 1 Liter 15pk

  1. Crista

    The only thing I’m addicted to. The fizz and syrup. Taste is so much better than the alternatives. It’s crisper. Keep doing what you’re doing. It did meet my expectations.

  2. Meg B.

    You can’t go wrong with Dr. Pepper. The very first sip will have you hooked.

  3. Kristina

    The best drink ever! An iced cold Dr. Pepper is right any time of the day! The flavor is unmatchable!

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