Downy Adorable

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Downy Adorable


  • High concentration Fabric softener.
  • Perfume Adorable.
  • “Downy adorable” is a product made famous by Jungkook of BTS.
  • Lovely smell of delicate flowers and fresh orange juice.
  • Even if you use 1/30,000th of them, the fragrance will stay long.
  • Use fiber softener in dedicated compartments.
Sku: 7506339397109
  • Downy Adorable Fabric Softener transforms your laundry with the sweet and vibrant scent of amber and rose.
  • Let the bright, glowing scent of Bliss captivate you with every inhale.
  • Safe for all washing machines and a great companion to your favorite detergent; just add a capful every load before adding your clothes.


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3 reviews for Downy Adorable

  1. Mark S.

    The scent is strong and smells really nice. After adjusting to the smell I do thoroughly enjoy the product.

  2. E John

    Smells amazing!

  3. Paul

    Got this from NIMBUS and fell in love with this scent!!! Used it for many loads of laundry and my clothes smells amazing and the scent actually lasts.

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Downy Adorable
Downy Adorable