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Don Michelada Original 24ct

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Don Michelada Original


  • Every SIP is enhanced with Heavenly Spice Combination, mixed with Place Your Cold Beer provides you with an amazing and refreshing favorite beverage in a mug.
  • Simply add your original beer flavor along with Non-Chelada Michelada Mix into your ready-to-drink mug and now you are free to enjoy your cocktail anywhere.
  • Made with the freshest ingredients to provide the best Enhancer Beer ever. with a mixture of various spices, peppers, lemon and lime. Just add your beer and enjoy its exploding flavors that will last for 2 beer plus refills.
  • Flavorful Mexican drink, not chelada original Michelada flavor from the mug is from a ready-pack of flavorful spice mix made just as it was in Mexico. Your now can enjoy their completely authentic brewed flavors. your party in a mug.
  • Delicious comfort in a cup – a mixture of michelada, with a mixture of Chilies and spices. you just have to combine with your favorite beer and you’re all set.
  • Enjoy your convenient and tasty drink in a simple and place. No need to worry about washing cups after your drink out.


A taste of real beer brewed flavors. Don Michelada Original Flavor Michelada Blend is made from the freshest ingredients that provide you with the best Enhancer beer ever. In a mug it is ready so you can enjoy your cocktail anytime, anywhere comfortably. A mix of flavorful spices, chilies, bell peppers, lemon and lime mixed and made just like it was in Mexico. Just add your favorite cold beer along with Don Chelada Original Flavor Michelada Mix and you are good to go. Now you can prepare your explosion of flavors that will last 2 more beer refills. Your personal party in a mug. Enjoy a tasty drink in a No-Mess way. There is no need to worry about washing out cups after your drink.

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Don Chelada

3 reviews for Don Michelada Original 24ct

  1. Eyob

    It was very good at all.. Completely Satisfied..

  2. Harsh Kumar

    I remember the taste that first time i drank. Love these chelada flavors.

  3. Joe K.

    I’m afraid before buying this but these were delicious better than I expected.

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