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Digiweigh Cyber Series 100 RG-B

Digi Weigh DW-100 RG-B


  • Capacity:100g~3.528oz~500ct~1542gn
  • Accuracy:0.01g~0.001oz~0.05ct~0.1gn
  • 4 Modes: Grams(g), Ounce(oz), Carat(ct) & Grain(gn)
  • TARE function to subtract the net weight of the container
  • Include 100g (2X50g) Calibration Weight, 2 x AAA batteries & Operation Manual

This scale has a capacity of 100g with precision 0.01g accuracy, switch between ounce(oz), grams(g) & carat(ct). It works perfect for your jewelry or other weighing. The platform gives the scale a very stylish look to fit any decor and easy to portable. This latest model is made of high quality materials and integrated design to ensure accuracy and reliable results as well as long lasting life time.


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