De La Rosa Drums Marshmallows

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De La Rosa Drums Marshmallows


  • Drums Marshmallows.
  • Delicate Fragrances, Ready to Enjoy.
  • Marshmallow Lover’s Favorite Food.
  • They’re are so Delicious and Aromatic.
Sku: 724869100236

De La Rosa Drums Marshmallows are soft with delicate fragrances, ready to enjoy, they can be used like ingredients in your original dessert recipes. If you’re looking for delicious De La Rosa is absolutely the product you need. They’re sweet and made very well, you’ll smell the amazing marshmallow aroma before you even open the bag. And once you have one, you just won’t be able to stop. They’re bound to be any marshmallow lover’s favorite food. They’ve got a great taste, and comes in a size that will keep you enjoying that great taste for a long while. They’re are so delicious and aromatic that you’ll love having them on hand for whatever sweet dishes you may need.


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3 reviews for De La Rosa Drums Marshmallows

  1. Alan

    DE LA ROSA – Marzipan & Marshmallows

  2. Honey

    Marshmallows always love and this time Nimbus made my got this on time. As I ordered for son’s birthday party at home.

  3. Jason

    Yummy product….

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De La Rosa Drums Marshmallows
De La Rosa Drums Marshmallows