Copper Scouring Pad

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Copper Scouring Pad


  • Won’t Rust or Splinter.
  • Copper Chore Boy.
  • No Stain Left.
  • High Quality Material.
  • For Office and Home Use.
Sku: 874507007455

Size:1 Now 3x Stronger! Chore Boy Ultimate Copper Scrubbers are machine knit from pure copper to quickly remove baked-on foods and burnt-on grease the first time–inside and out. Ultimate Copper Scrubber pads aren’t messy like steel wool. They will not rust or splinter, making them perfect for cookware made of stainless steel, copper, anodized aluminum or multi-clad. They are also ideal for glassware, barbeque grills, stove burners, oven racks and other heavy-duty cleaning applications


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2 reviews for Copper Scouring Pad

  1. Karin

    Product was as advertised , arrived on time , performed well .

  2. Nayomi

    I restore antique radios and do a great deal of soldering. The Chore Boy Copper Scouring pads are perfect for cleaning the tips of a tinned soldering iron. Those copper coated products do not work well and do not last. Chore Boy Copper Scouring pads are solid copper and were just what I was looking for.

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Copper Scouring Pad
Copper Scouring Pad