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Cookies-Bag 002 8X12cm 3.5 Grams 1/8oz 50ct

  • Stand-up pouch
  • Mylar, Aluminum Foil
  • Cookies-Bag 002 8X12cm 3.5 Grams long term storage Bags
  • Fat, zipper lock, heat sealable, resealable, reusable, with tear notch
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Our bags are made of mylar and foil material and come with a sturdy ziplock strip, making them durable, odorless and both smell- and leak-proof. Perfect for storage of food, candy, herbs, tea leaves, vitamins, cookies, medicine, jewelry, cosmetics, etc. Each bag also comes with a unique, astrology-inspired design to add personality and flair and is guaranteed to stand out. we believe our designs will make your daily life better.


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