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Cloralen Floor Cleaner Floral Fantasy 12oz

  • Cloralen Floor Cleaner Floral Fantasy 12oz
  •  Now fighting dirt and odors will smell better.
  • Use multipurpose cleaner on a Floor, countertop, or the bathroom floor
  • High-quality disinfecting multi surface cleaner will break down grease, dust and stains etc.
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Cloralen Floor Cleaner Floral Fantasy 12oz, Cleans twice as many surfaces as previous formula – Complete 50% more loads of laundry than previous formula – 3 in 1 Power of Bleach Deep Cleans, Deodorizes, and Whitens – 100% recyclable bottle. This is Multipurpose Cleaner Spray uses the power of bleach to deep clean your home. This all purpose cleaning spray degreases and removes tough stains. It leaves your home smelling fresh and clean. Refresh your home and your senses with the cleaning power of Cloralen Floor Cleaner.


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