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Chevron Motor Oil ATF 12ct 1qt

  • Due to lower viscous drag, compared to conventional fluids.
  • Exceptional stability provided by excellent base oil and extra oxidation inhibitors.
  • Protection against the formation of lacquers, sludge, or other harmful deposits.
  • Fast circulation during cold weather and excellent lubricating body when hot.
  • Chevron Motor Oil ATF used in most passenger cars, SUVs, light duty trucks and vans.
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Chevron Motor Oil ATF is a passenger car and light truck automatic transmission fluid for most pre-2006 automatic transmissions built by General Motors, Ford Motor Company and other makes requiring a high-performance, multi-purpose, power transmission fluid. It helps protect against the formation of deposits, sludge, varnish, and foam. Chevron MD-3 automatic transmission fluid helps provide outstanding durability.


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