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Chevron Motor Oil 5W-30 12ct

(3 customer reviews)


Chevron Motor Oil 5W-30


  • Excellent antiwear and thermal breakdown protection.
  • Energy Savings — API Resource Conserving designation.
  • Meets or exceeds warranty requirements of car and light truck manufacturers relying on an API SN, SM, SL or SJ service category motor oil.
  • Clean engines and positive crankcase ventilation systems resulting in minimal deposits under heavy load and stop-and-go driving conditions.
  • Chevron Supreme Motor Oils are premium quality automotive engine oils, formulated with high quality base stocks, and robust additive packages including shear-stable viscosity index improves, detergents, dispersal, anti-wear agents, antioxidants, corrosion and foam inhibitors.
  • Their anti-wear additives provide excellent wear protection of critical engine parts.
  • Chevron Supreme’s high discrepancy protects against corrosion, deposit and sludge formation in stop-and-go driving, and sustained high temperature operation.
  • Excellent high temperature oxidation stability helps prevent viscosity increase and oil gelling in the crankcase. Helps keep PCV systems clean, for smooth engine performance.
  • SAE 5W-30 is suitable for use in many older vehicles and a few late model cars and trucks, often those with larger 6-cylinder and V-8 and/or high performance engines. SAE 5W-30 is also designated as a Resource Conserving lubricant by API.


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3 reviews for Chevron Motor Oil 5W-30 12ct

  1. Zoey

    Engine still running so I guess it’s doing the job.

  2. Luke

    Working well in my snow blower. Thin enough so machine turns over easily in the cold.

  3. Riley

    All standard 5W-30 is the same works fine at least my car hasn’t complained yet anyway

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