Carrizos Strollers Bag 24pc 36

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Carrizos Strollers Bag 24pc 36


  • All-in-one Flavours: This candy comes in the classic bubblegum flavour is made by mixing banana, strawberry and cherry essence so that you can enjoy all flavours at once.
  • Sugar Coated Delights: The Bubblegum candy has a generous sugar coating to amplify the sweetness of bubble gum flavour chicklets.
  • Smooth Chewy Candy: The texture of these chewing gums is very soft. They are easy to chew and are enjoyed by kids as well as adults.
  • Long-lasting Flavour: House of Candy Bubblegum does not drain out of flavour quickly keeping the fun alive for longer.
  • Ideal Party Poppers: These sugar-coated gums make the perfect party favour, or they can be served as a part of assorted candies as well.
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Carrizos Strollers Bag 24pc 36.


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3 reviews for Carrizos Strollers Bag 24pc 36

  1. Santiago

    Super excited when I found these

  2. Clive

    So good, great fruity tastes and my kids love it!

  3. Misses

    I love this gum, I used to be able to get it from party stores but it is hard to find now online , glad you have it, I will be buying a lot more now.

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Carrizos Strollers Bag 24pc 36
Carrizos Strollers Bag 24pc 36