Chileta Elote Paletas

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Chileta Elote Paletas


  • El Azteca Chileta Elote Paletas.
  • Strawberry Chili.
  • Fresa Con Chili.
  • 40-count Lollipop Candies.
  • Whether you eat it watching tv, at the movie theatre or hand it out at children’s parties is guaranteed to be deliciously sweet fun!
Sku: 766902010843

The Mexican candy brand Dulcerama is selling its Carrizos chewing gum in transparent bubble gum tubes that showcase the colorful candy inside. Because bubble gum is a product largely marketed towards children, this packaging design makes clever use of fun and colorful shapes.

The Dulcerama Carrizos packaging design consists of transparent tubes in long, cylindrical shapes. The unique shape makes it easy for children to hold, while the transparent plastic allow kids to get a better look at the colorful bubble gum inside. The box for the bubble gum tubes also comes with a smiling clown on the front to make the product even more appealing.


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3 reviews for Chileta Elote Paletas

  1. Cusick

    I like them but prefer vero mango i think those have more Chile still a great product though!

  2. Nirmal S.

    I like them , the bag bigger than I expected. Thank you.

  3. Jordan Singh

    There are very few places in our city to buy these individual suckers. But now these are easily available at NIMBUS IMPORTS

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Chileta Elote Paletas
Chileta Elote Paletas