Blunt Life Incense Jumbo

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Blunt Life Incense Jumbo


  • Incense Sticks
  • Hand Dipped Perfumed Incense
  • Great Scents
  • Largest Selling Incense Sticks
  • Quantity May Vary
Sku: 97868125563

BluntLife 100% Concentrated Air Freshener. You will get Assorted Scent that you are going to fall in love with. They are 100% Concentrated Oil based Air Freshener. If you have never bought one before you should try it as you will love it. It has multipurpose use and can be used as odor eliminator also. It can be used in car/home/room/hospital/kitchen etc.


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2 reviews for Blunt Life Incense Jumbo

  1. Patty

    It’s all natural product the price might be on the higher end for those who use cheaper incense sticks …but if you are going to use it indoor your rather use this popular brand with natural products

  2. Goldy

    The Sticks are nice and the fragrance stays for quite a time. If you light up 4 at a time they will definitely make your room feel like a temple having a yagya. They purify the air and removes negativity around. Go for it

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Blunt Life Incense Jumbo
Blunt Life Incense Jumbo