Black & Mild Sweet $0.99

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Black & Mild Sweet $0.99


  • These machine made cigars are 5 inches in length, with a ring gauge of 30, and are sold in packages of 10 packs of 5 cigars each.
  • The wrapper and binder are both homogenized and enhance the taste of the cigar.
  • These cigars are perfect companions for a quiet evening and are also sure to be a hit at parties.
  • Buy a Black And Mild Sweet Pack today and enjoy the experience of these mild and smooth cigarillos.


Sku: 70137514237

Black and Mild is a famous American cigar brand which originated in Pennsylvania. The Black And Mild Sweet Pack cigars are filled with the excellent, Middleton’s pipe tobacco, which exudes a sweet-smelling and enjoyable smoke. These cigars come in refreshing fruity flavors such and apple and cream which are a delight to smoke. The Mild Pack cigars have a slow, smooth, and even burn throughout their length as is characteristic of Black and Mild cigars.


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2 reviews for Black & Mild Sweet $0.99

  1. Max

    filtered little cigar versions 🙂 🙂

  2. Freddy

    Definitely recommend it if your a fan of black and mild.

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Black & Mild Sweet $0.99