Bath World Citrus Blast Sugar Scrub


• Reduce ingrown hair

• Manage the appearance of cellulite

• Smooth razor bumps

• Repair and moisturize dead skin

• Reduce acne breakouts, dark spots and age spots

• Unclog and minimize pores

• Smooth elbows, knees, hands and heels

Sku: 44441111222017

Exfoliating body scrub for beautiful summer feet all year round and healthy, glowing skin. Moisturizing hand scrub.

Treat Yourself! Wash away the stress of life!

Sugar body scrubs are a natural exfoliant and a wonderful, indulgent treat for your home spa experience, to wash away the stress of life.

Made with natural ingredients, this sugar scrub is good for all skin types including sensitive skin. Use it as a full body exfoliant to buff off dead skin. It cleans, moisturizes and softens, leaving you with beautiful and hydrated skin


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Bath World Citrus Blast Sugar Scrub
Bath World Citrus Blast Sugar Scrub