Bamboo Nectar Collector 10mm


  • Get Slow and Wise with This Bamboo Shaped Nectar Collector.
  • Featuring A Titanium 10mm Dab Tip,
  • This Is the Perfect Device for Both the Beginner and The Expert.
  • Made of Heavy-Duty Food-Safe Silicone, These Dab Straws Will Bring New Life…
Sku: H 18

Get slow and wise with this bamboo shaped nectar collector. Featuring a titanium 10mm dab tip, this is the perfect device for both the beginner and the expert.

Made of heavy-duty food-safe silicone, these dab straws will bring new life to your concentrate experience. Each straw can be covered with its cap, keeping contaminants out of your straw!

The straw measures 6″ long and includes a 10mm Titanium Tip and Cap/Dish.


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Bamboo Nectar Collector 10mm