Axe Spray 150 Ml 6ct Excite


  • A woody fragrance with a touch of sweetness
  • A blend of coconut, hazelnut and some caramel
  • It gets your game ready to go with a refreshing zingy kick anytime, anywhere
  • An all-over bodyspray that combines a seductive, longer-lasting fragrance with effective deodorant protection. Experience the Axe effect anytime, anywhere.
  • You only have to spray once on your wrists, forearms and neck
Sku: 08712561670081

Axe Excite Daily Fragrance 4 ounce, Tempt your senses. AXE Excite is an addictive woody fragrance that will have your angel falling on the first encounter. The seductive blend of coconut, hazelnut and caramel scents evolve into a sexy, lingering aroma


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Axe Spray 150 Ml 6ct Excite