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Axe Spray 150 Ml 6ct Apollo


  • A blend of fruity and musky scent, long-lasting, keeps body odor away, Infuses vibrant energy and great freshness
  • An iconic Deodorant that sets the standards of luxury, Axe presents this masculine fragrance that epitomizes elegance, blend of fruity and musky scent
  • Safe on skin
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Feel the energy, feel the raw power of the male who is all set to conquer the jungle of the world. With the Axe Apollo Deodorant Body spray you will feel the rare force and sensual muscle power of the man who is ready to unleash his talents. This deodorant is infused with the blend of fruity extracts and sensual musky scents for a body that is free of any bad odor. So charm them all with the intoxicating freshness of Axe Apollo Deodorant Bodyspray.




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