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Arrowhead Water 40pk

(3 customer reviews)


  • Naturally great tasting.
  • Crisp and clean.
  • Arrowhead Water.
  • Sized for your fridge.
  • Mineral Water.
  • Mountain Spring Water.

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Naturally great tasting water fits any occasion. Thorough distillation ensures a crisp, clean taste. Bottles are perfectly sized for your fridge. Beverage Type: Water; Flavor: None; Packing Type: Bottle.

Arrowhead Water, also known as Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water, is a brand of drinking water that is sold in the western United States, particularly in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, the Northwest, and in California. It is bottled from 13 springs throughout the Western United States.

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3 reviews for Arrowhead Water 40pk

  1. Oswald M.

    Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water 💦 when buying water I always get spring water. I don’t have a favorite. Packaging is great easy to open. No need to improve this product. It’s quiches my thirst. I will continue to buy. Affordable. I recommend

  2. Barb

    I drink this bottled water, many a day, 24/7 Very refreshing. I have difficulty walking ( age 91 ) so having all these bottles lined up beside my easy chair is very helpful to ensure that I drink enough.

  3. Russian Rapper

    Arrowhead is my favorite water. My parents bought it for my family since I was little so it’s the water I grew up drinking. It’s fresh, and well….water. 10/10

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