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Airistech 8 E-Nector Collector Vaporizer Dip & Dab 2 IN 1 Black

(2 customer reviews)


Airis 8 E-Nector Collector Vaporizer Black

  • Dip or Dab Pen To Dip, you don’t need any extra tools, just press and hold the button to touch the concentrate of weed.
  • To Dab, just switch to the other end of the pen and use with the dual quartz atomizer to dab and vaping.
  • Voltage Settings Press the power button 3 times in a session to adjust the voltages, Green=3.4V, Blue= 3.7V, Red=4.2V.
  • AirPath Cleaning How to clean the vape pen. Easily clean the air path with the pipe cleaner provided.
  • Micro USB Charging Universal micro USB charging designed for your convenience of charging at any time anywhere.

The Airis 8 by Airistech is a wax vape pen that doubles as a dipper. Put the vape pen mouthpiece on to turn it into a regular wax vape pen or remove the mouthpiece and flip it upside down to use it as a dipper. The bottom of the battery also is a mouthpiece when in the dip configuration. It delivers amazing hits and also releases minimum odour. No combustion, 100% heating and vapour. The oven heats up to the maximum temperature in just seconds providing fast and clean vapour. Perfect for indoor use with limited detection, and also great for on the go. Package Contents: 1 X Battery 1 X DAB mouth piece 1 x C1 Touch coil 1 x C2 Dab coil 1 x USB charging cable 1 x Dab Tool 1 x Pipe Brush 1 x User Manual Do not use for Tobacco or Nicotine products.


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2 reviews for Airistech 8 E-Nector Collector Vaporizer Dip & Dab 2 IN 1 Black

  1. Saratha K.

    Awesome little device….. Easy to carry

  2. Lovish

    Great little pen gotta love the features

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