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Airis Viva Premium Portable White

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Airis Viva Premium Portable White


  • Ultra Slim, Lightweight and Discreet Concentrate Pen Vaporizer.
  • 100% Authentic Airistech Brand Product.
  • Advanced Q-Cell Fritted Quartz Heating Technology.
  • Innovative Ceramic Mouthpiece with Detachable Dab Tool.
  • Fritted Quartz Element Promotes Increased Absorption for Improved Flavor/Efficiency.
  • Cost-effective Replaceable Atomizer Design.
  • Extremely Durable Poly carbonate Tube.
  • Easy to Use and Stealthy One Button Operation.
Series : Herbva Viva

The Airistech Viva is a slim and stealthy concentrate pen vaporizer that uses fritted glass quartz technology and a built-in dab tool system for ultra convenient travel use.

The Quaser’s mouthpiece has a mini stainless filling tool built directly into it so you can easily scoop up some of your material, replace the mouthpiece and it all perfectly fits on the element.

There are no threads to mess around with. The mouthpiece is sized perfectly to create a tight friction fit. Use just two fingers to remove it, refill and replace is in seconds with a nice tight and secure fit that will not accidentally open at any time.


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2 reviews for Airis Viva Premium Portable White

  1. Ruskin

    This shows the quality of the device and makes the vape easy to use.

  2. Dollar

    It stops the residue from whatever concentrate or wax that you use from becoming a sticky, chaotic mess inside of your device. This makes the cleaning process much easier.

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