8″ Cylindrical Pipe W/Marijauna


  • 8″ Cylindrical Pipe W/marijauna
  • High-quality Bongs, Glass Pipe, Grinder and Rolling Papers.
  • These products are manufactured from the high-quality material.
  • The offered products can be customized as per the specification.
Sku: NB-138
  • This Bongs Contains Ice Chamber, Which Means That The Neck Of The Water Pipe Is Designed In A Way The Neck Of The Water Pipe Allows The User To Put Ice Cubes Into The Pipe. The Smoke Passes Through The Ice And Is Cooled For Smoother Hit
  • This Item Features 14.4 Mm Joint Shooter/Downstem Is A Glass Tube That Allows Smoke To Travel From The Joint To A Chamber Of A Bong. Removable Downstems Provide Multiple Benefits As They Filter Smoke With Their Slits Or Holes While Their Removability Allows For An Easier Cleaning Process
  • This Glass Pipe Contains Thick Glass Which Increases Its Durability And Longevity. Thick Glass Are Less Likely To Break Because Of The Heavy Glass Construction. Height Of The Bong 12 Inches, Contains Ice Chamber, Contains Beaker Glass And The Size Of The Joint Is 14.4Mm.


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8" Cylindrical Pipe W/Marijauna