7′ Mushroom Water Pipe


  • Modern sleek bubbler/rig design.
  • Clear body and arm so you can watch the smoke fill the peice.
  • Clear downstem stands out against the clear chamber it sits inside.
  • Mushroom design is beautifully hand painted on.
  • Provides large exceptionally smooth hits.
  • Convenient size allows for travel.
  • You can smoke or dab at your leisure!
  • Comes with a 19mm male joint.
  • Made of a durable high-quality glass.
Sku: NB-162

If you were looking for a sleek no-nonsense bubbler then look no further. This bubbler was designed perfectly. A slim arm protrudes from the side of the water chamber ending in a straw-like mouthpiece—perfect for producing smooth hits. At the base of the arm you find the first touch of art, a mushroom like design that has been hand painted on. The body of the piece is mostly made up of a bell-shaped water chamber with a 3.5” base. The blue downstem and the bubbles it creates will make sure every hit is clean and crisp. In addition to this amazing piece, we’ve also included two means of smoking. A female 19mm bowl let’s you smoke the herb of your choice, while the mushroom painted dome + nail provides you with the option of smoking concentrates. All in all, this bubbler is impressively sleek and versatile. Item may very from picture.


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7' Mushroom Water Pipe