7″ Colot Tube Mix Color


  • Most elegant ways to enjoy a smoke.
  • Hand pipes are small and easy to carry.
  • Fit easily into your pocket or your carry bag.
  • Hand pick the most unique and interestingly trippy hand pipes.
  • We have a diverse selection of hand blown glass pipes.
Sku: NB-202
  • This Glass Pipe Contains Thick Glass Which Increases Its Durability And Longevity.
  • Deep Bowl This Pipe Features A Deep Bowl To Allow For A Large Amount Of Dry Herbs Or Tobacco To Be Packed At One Time
  • This Piece Features Sleek And Clean Clear Glass That Allows You To Watch This Concentrate Rig Or Water Pipe Function. Clear Glass Allows You To Watch Your Smoke/Vapor Percolates.
  • These Pipes Offer Diminutive, Highly Portable Versions Of The Classy Design With A Vibrant Twist. These Glass Pipes Almost Seem Like Something The Stonner Guy Would Have Dreamt Up (And Mixed With Love, Of Course). Spiral Tube In The Neck Adds Greater Stability And Grip.
  • Please Ensure You Buy Only From Outontrip, Outontrip Deals Only In Original Rolling Paper, Tips/Roaches And Genuine High Quality Smoking Accessorizes.


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7" Colot Tube Mix Color