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5 Gallon Gas Can

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  • Self-venting with a flexible spout that rotates to fit into any machine that needs filling.
  • Thumb trigger makes for easy, controlled, no spill pouring.
  • Hand grips on the top and bottom make for less hassle when filling your machine.
  • Gasoline Can 5 Gal is child proof cap keeps curious little ones safe.
  • Tested for up to 60 PSI in high heat and for -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

No more excuses for a sore back after a hard day’s work bent over, balancing a gas can spout over the tank to refill your mower or tractor. The Sure Can Gasoline Can 5 Gal container makes it a breeze to fill up your machines with its rotating pouring nozzle and easy grip handles. This Gasoline Can 5 Gal Sure Can gasoline container is also equipped with a thumb trigger to help you pour just the right amount with less mess.

There will be no more having to worry about a rusty jerry can in your garage leaking; with 6 individual layers of plastic, this can is built to last. Seal off all fumes with an airtight design that is childproof and can withstand extreme temperatures. Can is EPA, CARB, and DOT certified. With old gas cans, you sure can’t rely on them to keep your liquids safe, but with this new 5-gallon container, you Sure Can.


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3 reviews for 5 Gallon Gas Can

  1. Nadine

    The product feels solid. At the time of moving the petrol, no movement leakage could be seen. Functional.

  2. Ashbrook

    This is very good small tank to supply engines such as pruners, boats, saws, closes well, without spills or vapors. #happycustomer

  3. Cameron

    Container was amazing! I liked it very much, it preserves gasoline for a good time, does not emit annoying smells, the plug seals perfectly and it is very practical the pivot to load, all of excellent quality.

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