Nimbus Imports

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About Us

Nimbus is a USA wholesale & Retail store dealing in a variety of glass hand pipes & bongs, all kinds of smoke accessoriescell phone accessories & a wide range of CBD products.We are dedicated to presenting a full line of quality and worth mobile smartphone accessories, GlovesTobacco products and Sunglasses at an affordable cost. Our company is a nationwide distributor of accessories for wireless cell phones and Tobacco Products and accessories. With over 10 years of growth and experience in retail market we have partner with china manufactures and established the whole new way of wholesale market with low cost and high quality products and service. We sell our products through multiple channels in the online marketplace, we distribute our products throughout the USA to resellers, such as cell phone stores, mall kiosks, online retailers, and other distributors.

Our Mission

The mission of Nimbus Imports is to provide a wide-ranging assortment of Hookah products and accessories, glass pipes, wireless products and working gloves from a large variety of top quality at low everyday pricing, while providing quick and reliable customer service that understands the needs and satisfaction of their customers.

Business with us lifetime! We understand that is a strong statement.  We believe in growth through Customer Service.  Your satisfaction is most important to us, and we are willing to make sure that each of your orders meets your satisfaction.  If for any reason it doesn’t, let us know, and we will make sure the end result is positive!
 Our aggressive pricing along with excellent customer service ensure each purchase you make, won’t be your last.